Richmond Academy was inspected by Ofsted 30–31 January 2019. You can read the full report below:

"Officers and trustees of The Stour Academy Trust have high expectations and are relentless in securing the necessary improvements. They are systematically reversing past weaknesses and creating a culture of achievement in the school."

"The headteacher has brought stability and a renewed sense of ambition to the school. She has won the confidence of staff, pupils and many parents and carers with her clarity of vision and openness."

"Pupils benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum and a range of extra-curricular activities. Leaders ensure that pupils are prepared well for life in modern Britain."

"Leaders provide effective support for teachers, many of whom are new to the school and the profession. Teachers are proud to work in the school and benefit from high-quality training."

"Arrangements for keeping pupils safe are exceptionally strong. Vulnerable pupils and their families receive timely and effective support"

You can also find the latest Ofsted Report here: