People who help us!

What an amazing first week back. We have started our new topic ‘People Who Help Us.’ We were visited by a local police officer and we were lucky enough to try on the different uniforms that she wears! There were different hats and helmets, jackets and vests. We learnt that police officers can help us, for example if we are lost we can ask find one of them and ask for help. We have our new role play area, a doctors surgery. We have been helping one another if we feel ill, writing prescriptions, laying on the bed, having our temperature checked and even putting bandages on.

It was Shrove Tuesday so we made pancakes and then ate them, we had syrup, strawberry sauce, toffee sauce and chocolate sauce! They were yum!  We used tally marks to see which was the most popular flavoured sauce – chocolate won! We have been learning how to measure items in our classroom, we used unifix first of all and then used rulers, reading the number and recording our findings.

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Protect yourself

  • Clean your hands regularly.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, and dry them thoroughly.
  • Use alcohol-based handrub if you don’t have immediate access to soap and water.

How to wash your hands properly:

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